About Us

The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul (SSVP) is an international charitable organization, almost 200 years old, with a wide-ranging mission of service to the poor.  In Canada there are over 14,000 members, with about a tenth of them in Ontario. The Brockville Conference has been active now for 3 years.
We are a Registered Charity and a 100% volunteer based organization.

While St. Vincent de Paul Society is founded as a Catholic lay organization, our programs and assistance are provided on a nondenominational basis.

Who Do We help?

Some Examples

  1. A single woman who had been severely abused by her partner, (3 broken bones in her neck and 5 crushed vertebrae and a concussion, had been in witness protection – lived in same location for 3 years, never missed a rent payment or been late. Her brother passed away in Vancouver and took her month’s rent to go out and bury him. Explained the circumstances to the landlord – when she returned there was an eviction notice that idf she didn’t pay before end of month she would be evicted. At same time she received the results of tests she had had – indicating she had stage 4 cervical cancer and had to undergo surgery immediately. We paid her month’s rent.

  1. A single mom with 2 children called for help with food. Her house was spotless and all the kids in the neighbourhood were playing in her yard. She told us about visiting the food bank and getting a package of 5 hamburger patties. Since there were only 3 of them she suggested to her 10 year old to ask 2 kids across the courtyard if they would like to come over for a burger because she knew they didn’t have much food. When the kids went inside to ask their mother, she said they couldn’t go unless she could have a burger too. The 10 year old said to his mother – “it’s Ok Mommy, I’ll give her mine”. We gave her food vouchers for her and her kids.

  1. A lady whose husband had passed away suddenly and was left with 5 children wanted to put them in soccer for the summer but could not afford to put them all in and did not want to choose between them. The school called us and asked if we could help. We worked with Making Play Possible and got them all into the soccer program for the summer.

  1. A father with 3 teenage children had his wife leave just before Christmas. Shortly after Christmas he was hit by a drunk driver and could not work but required rehab. While off work hydro cut off his power in February. When we arrived he had had no food, no power and no heat for a week. We arranged to pay his hydro bill, get the account transferred to his name and the power turned back on as well as providing him and his children with food vouchers.

Mission Statement

The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul (acronym SSVP) is a lay catholic organization whose mission is:

  • To live the Gospel message
  • By serving Christ in the poor
  • With love, respect, justice and joy
  • To provide a “hand up”, not just a “hand out”.

Motto: Helping Make a Difference


The Mission of the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul implies that as Vincentians, we:

    • See Christ in anyone who suffers;

    • Come together as a family;

    • Have personal contact with the poor;

    • Help in all possible ways.


The Confederation of the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul, (the International Council General) has adopted a logo and recommended it to the Society in every country. The National Council of Canada has adopted this logo

  •     The fish is the symbol of Christianity and, in this case,represents the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul.
  • The eye of the fish is the vigilant eye of God seeking to help the poor in our midst.
  • The crossing at the tail or the tie-knot represents unity and oneness       among members and also the union with the poor.
  • The circle bounding the logo signifies the global or worldwide stature       of the SSVP, an international Society
  • The words serviens in spe mean to serve in hope, the hope that comes from Our Lord Jesus Christ

We work closely and collaboratively with Making Play Possible, The Y and Camp Hyanto, as well as other Community based organizations such as Loaves & Fishes.

Thank you to Dave Merz, program director of WYSX-WNCO-WPAC radio stations in Ogdensburg, NY, USA for his continued support in helping us promote our events:

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