Driver Assistance

Transportation Service

We have partnered with CPHC to provide transportation for those needing assistance in getting to and from medical and treatment appointments and necessary appointments.

Here are some examples of how CPHC’s Transportation Program can assist you:

  • Getting to a medical, dental, or eye appointment
  • Completing banking or grocery shopping
  • Visiting a family member at a hospital or nursing home
  • Attending a place of worship
  • Getting to appointments in the winter, even if you still have a driver’s license
  • Getting to appointments you are worried about or that you are nervous about driving to, even if you still have a driver’s license

Not sure if the assistance you need falls in to this category?,/p>
Please don’t hesitate to contact us to see if we can help!

How to arrange:

Contact Kelley Moore at 1-800-465-7646 ext. 2034