Summer Youth Programs

Summer Activities Programs For At Risk Youth

Our summer activities program focus is on youths at risk who do not have the same opportunities as others due social or economic circumstances and is designed to assist youth to develop to their fullest potential. With limited resources, we try to provide experiences that get kids outdoors and participating in group activities where they can make new friends, exhibit leadership skills, and learn new skills and enhance those they do possess. Examples of these activities include soccer, kayaking, sailing, camping, gymnastics, dance and swimming. Please visit our sponsorship page for ways you can help a child at risk have a great summer.

Making Play Possible Partnership

Dad had been employed and was earning a salary that could support his family until he lost his job through closure of the company. When Dad came for help he had been out of work for over 2 years. He had received Employment Insurance but that had run out and the family had to try and survive on his wife’s 15.00 an hour wage.

Naturally bills accumulated and although they tried their best to keep on top of them it was impossible. When dad came for help last year he had just secured employment. But because of the bills and low wages the family could not afford camp and his daughter’s only wish was an opportunity to go to camp.

The family had been through a lot and this would be an excellent experience for his child.

Dad came to Making Play Possible for help but unfortunately Making Play was not in the position to accommodate. Making Play funds over 500 families a year for activities that continue throughout the year such as basketball, dance, hockey and all other sports or arts programs. His daughter did not attend a school under the Upper Canada District School Board so could not apply to Champions for Kids for help either. There did not seem to be a solution.

So when Steve Wace made contact and suggested that St Vincent de Paul Society – St Francis Xavier Conference might be able to do something about camp it was a joyous moment indeed. Making Play made contact with Dad, gave him the good news and his daughter was given what she had wished for the most. That little girl was beaming and had a wonderful experience at summer camp. Mom and Dad were so grateful for the help that St Vincent de Paul St. Francis Xavier Conference extended to them.

I have not had any calls for help with activities this winter from this family so can only assume that they back on their feet and able to take care of things themselves.

It is wonderful that your group was there when the need was there!

Testimonial of a Grandfather of a Camper
sponsored by SSVP at 1000 Islands Kayaking Adventures

“He had an incredible time. He got along very well with everyone. The camp
leaders were great. They explained things well and answered all questions
clearly. They made things fun. He would go back tomorrow if he could.”
He added that they were grateful to have had this opportunity.

Sue Kennedy
Coordinator Making Play Possible

Testimonial from a little boy’s parents, SSVP sponsored their child’s participation with Broadway Dance Academy.


“With the help of St. Vincent de Paul, Luka was able to attend dance camp this summer where he gained many new skills and developed new friendships. The staff at Broadway Dance Academy made him feel welcome and encouraged his passion for performing arts. Thank you to St. Vincent de Paul and Broadway Dance Academy on making this possible for Luka!”

Once again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You truly made a little boy happy.

Christine and Paul Wisteard

A Special Needs Student Goes to Camp in 2018 –
Helping Make a Difference

I wanted to let you know we took Ethan to Camp Kennebec on Sunday for his week there and after receiving an update yesterday he is doing well, settling in nicely, attending all his activities and having a great time. Again, thank you for helping send Ethan to camp and giving him this first-time opportunity. I have attached a couple of photos we took when we dropped him off.

Well we picked up Ethan yesterday from camp and he had an amazing time, so good in fact that he didn’t want to come home. He has also informed us that he wants to do 2 or 3 weeks next summer, which is great. I have attached some photos of him at camp for you to see.

He told me that his favorite memory will be the new friends he made and meeting his favorite counselor. (He was from Britain) He also said he has finally found somewhere he belongs, is accepted by people and isn’t the child left out anymore. There is nothing more I could ask for as a mom than to hear those things especially from a child that has always felt like he didn’t fit in. A “thank you” will never be enough for helping us get him there this year.