Education Assistance

Seeds of Hope Program

St Vincent de Paul Canada in Partnership with SmartSaver are helping lower income families make saving for their children’s income a reality.

Education Assistance Program

In September 2012, the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul launched a Systemic Change Project in the Ontario region and to date we have​ assisted over 100 children within the Halton Particular Council Conferences. We are helping families open RESP accounts to gain access to savings for post- secondary education.

The benefits for the families and their children have been tremendous. We have personally witnessed how empowering receiving these funds can be.

Did you know?

Research demonstrates that even small amounts of education savings can set in motion a chain reaction of positive outcomes for a child and their family.

  1. Children with some savings are more likely to graduate from high school and 50% more likely to pursue a post-secondary education.
  2. Lower-income children with as little as $500 in savings are 3 times  more likely to attend post-secondary education and 4 times more likely to graduate.
  3. Savings for a child’s higher education can help to lay the psychological and financial foundations for lifelong learning.
  4. The process of saving and building assets helps teach money management, foster future orientation, and encourage long-term planning.

If you require assistance to apply for this program please contact us.

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