Ontario Works

Assistance for Individuals or Families Provided by the Government of Ontario

25 Central Ave W, Suite 200 Brockville, ON K6V 4N6
(613) 342-3840 #2129 or

Kimberly Little, Manager, Integrated Program Delivery
(613) 342-3840 ext 2385

Ontario Works-Homeless Prevention Benefit:
If you earn <$22,500 provides max $800 single or $1,500 couple over 24 month period.

Ontario Works (OW) is part of United Counties of Leeds and Grenville Social Services. When someone applies for OW, the first priority is the individual’s financial needs, then other goals (e.g. future plans) are addressed in the next month. The philosophy of OW is that individuals will work to their optimum potential. Single individual allowance is currently $706 max – $330 basic needs including food, & $376 for shelter. Can use part of basic needs for shelter. Basic needs allowance increases with number of children and age of children. OW considers children’s needs to be met by Child Tax Credit. Shelter costs increase as more children are in house. Rates are essentially the same across Ontario, slightly higher in Northern Ontario.

Other discretionary benefits are medication coverage, necessary transportation, clothing for work, education courses, – up to $400 per individual per year, family benefit is higher.

If a person earns money from employment within the first three months of coming on OW assistance, dollar for dollar is recouped by OW. Employment earnings adjustments vary after three months of receiving assistance as to the percentage recouped by OW.

Have licensed day care spots. Child-care fee subsidy open to everyone, based on financial qualification. OW will also provide help for people as they get on their feet with employment.

Direct Payment of rent or utilities to landlord or utilities is done if requested by the client.
Homelessness Prevention Benefit:  Eligible for $800 every two years or $1500 a family. If used for last month’s rent or utilities, it is paid directly to landlord. Will not pay moving expenses. OW will pay for people who live in Leeds-Grenville or to move out. But they do not pay for moving in. Available to anyone of low income. Ten-day turnaround.
Have emergency shelters in Brockville, Prescott, & Kemptville. Individuals can stay for up to 21 days. Not income-based. Won’t go longer than 21 days unless you have a plan for shelter. Sometimes will pay for a hotel room in emergency situations. Will pay transportation to go to a shelter. Will help clients get back to their family if family cannot afford to transport them.
If an individual is in receipt of OW, they get a stub showing exactly what they receive.
They no longer issue Drug Cards; the info is part of our Health Cards.
Will help with emergency dental but not dentures. Will only assist with dental if on OW.
When on OW, individuals cannot have available funds. Can have assets such as house & car, but cannot have more cash available than a monthly cheque. Loans and gifts-you must report them to OW, and Case Manager will review them with you.  Can have up to $6000 per year assistance in loans and gifts. Waiting-lists here average from 8 months to 3 years.